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What is My Jobs?

My Jobs is a powerful and easy-to-use job search organizer. If you are looking for a job this tool is for you! Today thousands of job seekers are sucessfully using it to streamline, simplify and automate their job search. At the moment there are two versions - for web and for iOS devices.

Download free iOS app or register for web version.

What will My Jobs do for you?

My Jobs will help you to find new vacancies on Internet, keep track of your job applications, remind you to take action when required and let you easily contact the people involved. You can also syncronize your data on iOS device to the website and edit it online. Learn more about My Jobs or watch the video.

You can use My Jobs website to perform main job hunt activities. The web site contains a number of useful resources - check out job search articles I collected over time.

Download My Jobs Today!

If you have iPhone or iPod Touch simply download the free app from the App Store and begin using My Jobs on your iOS device today. You can start with the free version and upgrade to the paid version when required. If you have an Android phone you will have to wait until I complete development of the Android version or you can start using the web version. If you’re not already a My Jobs user, register today and see if My Jobs is right for you. It is FREE.

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Reviews and Testimonials

AppSafari review:
"Never again will you have to worry about missing a deadline or losing your employer’s contact information. As long as you enter all the fields in correctly, My Jobs practically does all the footwork for you–you just have to nail everything else..."
Find My Soft review:
"You will like it then that My Jobs is offered free of charge. You can get the app, enjoy the fact that it lets you keep track of your job applications, and you don’t have to part with your money..."
"Clearly designed by an end-user :) I love the customizable / automated follow-up request. Very useful"
"I have found nothing else like this for tracking job searches and application status."


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